Toddler Food

Jessi Bridges over at has put out some great ideas on how and what to feed your toddlers. I am linking up with her latest post on this topic. Check out her blog, you will be blessed!

I am constantly picking my brain and the internet on ideas of what to feed my toddlers. One day they like green beans and the next day they end up in the trash. My motto is " Keep Trying!"
Even when they take only one bite of peas I consider that a win. One bite is full of nutrition they need to keep their little bodies going. There have been very few times my kids have eaten EVERYTHING on their plates and let me tell you when that happens it MAKES my day. I get so excited over empty plates!

I do my best to offer a variety of food groups in their meals.

A few rules we live by to ensure our kids get good food for their growing bodies...

1. food before milk (my kids LOVE milk)
2. sweets are OK in moderation and are only given for treats and after I know they have had something good in their bellies
3. be an example to your good healthy, wholesome food
4. rules can be broken so don't stress...God made food for us to enjoy!

Lets talk about dinner first...

I always give my kids a protein and veggie for dinner. Both of my toddlers sleep 12+ hrs so this meal is always a big push for me to get wholesome food in their bellies before they hibernate for the night.


grilled chicken
chicken strips
ground beef or turkey ( a lot of times I will pull chunks out of soups, casseroles, etc...)
steak, a delicacy in our household
pb on toast or a pb&j on a tortilla or bread
breakfast sausage

green peas
green beans
pinto or black beans
lima beans

I usually have three or four items on their trays. Depending on what we have in stock at the Geyer household...haha, we rotate what the third and or fourth item will be.

cheese cubes
a baked item like muffins or bread
fruit- side note: my oldest doesn't really like fruit except for oranges so I usually choose something different for him. 
pasta- mac n cheese or some sort of noodles that i mix with spaghetti sauce or maybe just a little butter and garlic

I really do try and keep it simple and rotate the foods they enjoy.


Lunch is not always a sit down meal for us. My kids are on different schedules during the day and therefore eat a different times, not to mention they prefer different foods.

The above picture is a lunch my daughter had last week. It consisted of green peas, cheese cubes and an oatmeal bake I made that morning for play group. Here is the recipe!

Lunch is normally just snacky or lazy as my friend, Jessi Bridges calls it.

Here are some different foods we eat between breakfast and dinner...

cheese- my kids will really eat ANY kind of cheese...they love dairy!
breads like tortillas, Naan, toast
grilled cheese
pancakes- i like to add wheat germ and or flax seed to the mix to "health" it up!
GoGo squeez packets
veggie sticks
dried cranberries, raisins( plain and yogurt covered)
oyster crackers
pistachios-my oldest loves these!
quesadillas with cheese and usually black beans

I'm really not a stickler about my kids having set snack and lunch times during the day. As long as they are consistently getting decent food I am happy. Most days are different depending on what we have scheduled so I have learned to be lenient and keep food on hand for when we need it. Our healthiest meals are breakfast and dinner. 

I plan on writing another post on how to feed busy and picky toddlers...stay tuned! ( I'll include breakfast at some point.)


  1. I love your 4 rules! Those definitely describe us too. Don't worry too much, but try and get the best food you can into them, right? Isaac loves pistachios too! We are working on him opening the shells, sometimes he can get the easier ones, most of the time I have to help. But it keeps him busy for a little while too while he's eating them. Love that!! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. I just found your blog through SUYL link up. I am always looking for new ideas for toddler food. Thanks.

    1. Hayley,

      I'm glad you found them helpful! Feeding little ones can be tricky and so easy sometimes. I am so thankful for other mother's in my life and all their wisdom.