The cross, plastic eggs and a prayer

I decided to use a little creativity and more money to make the kids an Easter basket this year. 

Easter is a special time for our family to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. Our focus is Jesus and with that we also believe in having fun! We participate in egg hunts and buying the typical Easter goodies to enjoy. I'm sure we will add more activities to our Easter celebration as the kids get older but for now we will stick with the cross and plastic obviously holds much more value than the other.

I bought the baskets at Target for $1.50 each and collected some supplies from Michaels.

I made tulle bows for her basket, hot glued the flowers on and painted her letter backing and glued it together. It was super easy!

I wanted M's basket to be masculine so I decided it would be fun to allow him to decorate it with stickers that he loves. He did a great job! I also painted and glued his letter on and there you go!

Our deepest desire is to see our kids put their faith in God. When M was little I started praying this prayer over him at night. I now pray it over both our children. It is an honor and our duty to point our kids to Christ.


Father, I thank you for Maddox.
I ask that you would save his soul,
May their never be a day he does not remember knowing you.
Please watch over him as he sleeps tonight,
Please give him dreams of you.
Father, may he run to you in all that he does, may he desire you over anything else on this earth.


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